Join us at our next event to meet like-minded women, be inspired, discover solutions to your business and career needs.

We welcome you to monthly B Connected Meetings and exclusive events for LCW members to hear from expert women in their field.

Check out some of our past fabulous events!

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Monthly B Connected Meetings

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In Her Shoes

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Lisa Wilkinson

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Fashionably Financial at David Jones


Women’s Wellness Summit

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Money Sex Workshop! Discovering our values and goals and how they drive us financially.

Basic Bananas Marketing Workshop

Do's and Don'ts of Autumn/Winter dressing Workshop at Classic Spirit Mosman

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The Savvy Investor. A great group of savvy women sharing their wisdom about personal wealth, investing and property


Live, Lead, Learn with Gail Kelly

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Colours of India Retreat

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Well “B” ing Retreat at The Golden Door

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Thomas Hamel at Manyara Home

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Dare To Dream Gala Dinner