How Healthy Is Your CEO?


So, how healthy is your CEO?

It’s not what you think... The automatic assumption is Chief Executive Officer, but LCW has given it a whole new meaning…

Enter 'The Customer Experience Opportunity'

Now, more than ever businesses need to focus on the human element of their business offerings, not just on the bottom line.

We have become a culture of digitisation, with an ever- increasing attachment to our phones, laptops and emails so much so that we are losing the deeper connection to the values of our organisations, to our clients, to our friends and families and even to ourselves.

In profit driven companies, there seems to have been a history of discrepancy between the relationship with the customer and the increase in company profits.

Any company, be it big or small must focus on the value it is providing to the customer. The customer needs must always come first when determining business strategy.

How do you create a feeling of value?

Cue Maslow's hierarchy of needs (but make it pink!)


But what does this mean for my clients and my business?

SAFETY NEEDS – your customers have a desire for security and to feel safe in your company and the products you offer. We create this security through authentic story telling.

BELONGING - To survive, humans need to feel like they belong. Creating intimate and exclusive experiences will allow your customers and clients to feel a sense of belonging and being part to your company and community enhancing their willingness to do business with you. Intimate events is what LCW is all about, our guests are not just a number, small groups provide a feeling of belonging and connectedness where your clients will feel truly valued.

ESTEEM NEEDS - The need for esteem from others is met externally and includes the desire for status and dominance. Small groups address the feeling of status.

SELF ACTUALISATION - It refers to people’s desire for self- fulfilment, namely, the tendency for them to become actualised in what they are potentially.

An LCW experience will provide an opportunity for women and men to be inspired, educated and motivated a start or continuation of their self actualisation process.

Of the 5 needs that Maslow identified, Let’s Connect Women, Customer Experience Opportunities address 4 of the 5!

The LCW CEO experience will tap into the emotions of your clients and will create a feeling of belonging, value and trust.

So how does this actually occur?

We look at basic fundamentals of family and friend relationships, how to build them and how to translate this into a company strategy.

There are three ways this occurs:

  1. Spending time to really get to know someone. Do you really know your clients or are they just a number on your data base?

  2. Offering value to them to solve pressing needs.

  3. When you walk away from that person how do they feel? Do they want to spend more time with you, and your company and do they trust you and value your opinions and offerings?

At the base level relationships are all the same. Whether you are creating or building family and friend relationships or client relationships – humans all have the same fundamental needs.

LCW CEO experiences help organisations strengthen and deepen valuable customer relationships through bespoke and unique LCW events where clients and guests to come away feeling inspired, motivated and educated.

Claudia Neal-Shaw