Inspiration with Asheigh Becker from Marley Spoon

LCW: Hi Asheigh, you work for a company called Marley Spoon personally I  LOVE) can you tell us a bit about what your company does?
A: Marley Spoon is a meal kit delivery service that simplifies weeknight cooking. Our team sources local and seasonal ingredients and sends them to our customers’ doors with chef designed, 6 step recipes for easy weeknight cooking. Customers select from 12 new recipes every week and we deliver everything you need to make delicious and healthy weeknight dinners, perfect for busy, on-the- go women!

LCW: What is your role at Marley Spoon?
A: I am the Marketing and Business Development Manager, so that includes managing
anything from customer acquisitions to customer experience all the way to strategic
partnerships and driving exciting growth projects such as new product launches. No
two days are ever the same at Marley Spoon, we are on a huge growth curve so it
can get a little crazy but that’s the most exciting part.

LCW: It sounds like a big job, what does your down time look like?

A: I found it quite hard to ‘switch off’ at first but It’s so important to stay healthy and give
myself “me time” to stay balanced – a morning walk, regular yoga classes and
cooking with boyfriend or family are my favourite ways to relax. My partner and I are
currently renovating our house so I do love scrolling Pinterest or flicking through a
good interiors magazine for inspiration.

LCW: What lead you to where you are today?

A: I love food, nutrition, and business strategy so Marley Spoon was a natural fit. I
spent a fair amount of time trying to find what I was most passionate about and then
went searching for the perfect company and role that allowed me to combine them.
As soon as I met the founding partners and heard more about their vision for Marley
Spoon I knew I needed to get involved. Find what makes you happy!

LCW: As a Young Future Leader, how do you inspire those around you?

A: I try to embody the traits and characteristics of people whom I admire in the hope
that it does the same to those around me, the most important being to be happy and
positive, constantly learn, admit your shortcomings and of course, love what you do.

LCW: Cook Better/live smarter is Marley Spoon’s tag line – share with us how you

embody this into your own life?
A: We are passionate about quality produce and food waste at Marley Spoon. Did you
know that Australians throw away over $10 billion dollar’s worth of food each year.
Due to the extreme cosmetic standards enforced by supermarkets, up to 40% of fruit
and vegetables grown for supermarkets are thrown away before they reach the shiny
pile s in the fresh produce section? At Marley Spoon, we buy only what you order so
there is zero food waste and we work with local farmers providing a much smarter
and more efficient way to shop, eat and live. I believe as consumers we need to vote
with our money and support companies and brands that act more sustainably. As
well as cooking Marley Spoon each week, I am a bit of a health nut and believe
fuelling your body with high quality, fresh ingredients is without a doubt the best thing
you can do for your health.

LCW: Name 3 women you would love to meet and why?
A: I am particularly inspired by women in business who had a great deal of success and remained grounded and balanced, I would love to have lunch with entrepreneurs Lisa Messenger from The Collective Hub, Julie Stevanja, Founder of Style Runner and Zo Foster Blake, Go-To Skin Care, I can only dream!

LCW: What has been your greatest achievement to date?
A: It would have to be buying a house with my partner last year, all those years of hard
work and savings finally paid off!

LCW: Biggest challenge?
A: Working for a start-up defiantly comes with its challenges, minimal budgets and
resources, lots to do and never enough time but It’s helped me to become far more
innovative and strategic – It’s such an exciting time in a business, I’m not sure I can
ever go back to ‘corporate’ life. Trying to sell a concept that challenges the way
people have shopped and cooked food for the last 100 years and convince them to
do things differently, putting their trust in us to provide them with their dinner is
nothing short of difficult. However, as time passes and more people learn about the
brand and the time saving, health and environmental benefits of cooking with Marley
Spoon it’s starting to become easier as we start to make a positive impact on the
lives of our customers and they help us to share the Marley love.

LCW: Career Goals?
A: My goals are always changing and evolving but I am determined to always be in a
role that keeps me challenged and constantly learning, working on a brand I am truly
passionate about – one day I’d love to start my own company!

LCW: You have a degree in Commerce majoring in marketing and public relations

and a Masters in Management – how do you think those degrees helped you to
get to where you are today?
A: Absolutely, everything I have done has helped me get to the place I am today, more
than anything though I think it’s the people you meet along the way and making the
most of the opportunities that get thrown in your direction. I had a great cohort in my
Master’s degree, all of whom are incredibly talented and provided a great source of
inspiration, they knew what they want and were determined to make it happen.

LCW: Fave Marley Spoon Meal?

A: Oh that is a tough one, there are so many amazing things that come out of the
Marley Spoon kitchen, every day there is something new and delicious so I am
always changing my mind but I would have to say either the Japanese miso
meatballs or the Eggplant parmigiana, both equally as delicious.

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Claudia Neal-Shaw