Jasmine Lindsay from Finance to Personalised Sleepwear – how our YFL Ambassador made the shift

LCW: Jasmine and Will have fast become the hottest PJ’s range in Australia, what made you start your business? 
J: I couldn’t find a pair of classic pyjamas without kitsch prints and bright colours…

LCW: You started monograming PJ’s before it became uber sexy – how did you know monogramming was going to take off, what influenced you??
J: Ultimately you can have a good product but is it solving a customer’s problem or being offered in a way that differentiates you from competitors? Monogramming our pyjamas was our point of difference and also allowed us to tap into a shift in consumer buying to more bespoke products.

LCW: How does marketing and social play a part in the growth of your business? 
J: We live in a fast world with most products available at the touch of a button. Over half of our sales are made on a mobile device so connecting with the consumer via social media and online channels is really important for us.

LCW: As a solo-prenuer what do you find the hi’s and lows of running your own business?
J: This is a really important question and not one I asked myself before I took the path of running my own business. The hours are inevitably long and as a solo-preneur you are just that – solo for the most part of your day. Long days on your own can be lonely and de-motivating. I get my energy from people and love working in teams so the shift to working solo was not one that I had mentally prepared for. That’s where communities like Let’s Connect Women are so important for keeping your energy high. Now, as my team grows and I see other women take the leap to solo-preneur I make an effort to reach out because I know how important that contact is.

LCW: You started with a Commerce degree with a high powered job in finance – what made you move from the world of the Executive to Entrepreneur?
J: It just felt right. I had an idea and I side-hustled while I tested the concept. When it gained traction, and looked feasible I made the move!

LCW: Fave restaurant
J: Currently Freds in Paddington

LCW: As the Let’s Connect Women Young Future Leader Ambassador we love that you have followed your dream to have the courage to transition from the Corporate World and start your own business – looking back, what advice would you have told “your” younger self?

  • That the path to following your career aspirations will be long and sometimes hard but every hurdle and every win will teach you something valuable.

    1. Those schoolyard bullies are giving you the thick skin you will need for the corporate world

    2. That demanding boss is teaching you the work ethic you will need to run your own company one day -That award you won is reminding you how rewarding commitment and tenacity can be

LCW: If you were organising a dinner party for 6 who would be on the guest list?
J: My family – we are all in different cities and countries. To be able to sit around the same table together is the best kind of company.

LCW:  What are the 3 most important things that you consider when designing your collections? 

  • REVIEW – What didn’t work last season?

    1. LISTEN – What are your customers asking for?

    2. OBSERVE – What are the market trends?

LCW: Any thoughts about expanding your day wear collection?

J: We’ve seen a real shift in the sleepwear category to more of a “lifestyle” choice – customers want loungewear that can be worn beyond the bedroom. So yes, we are absolutely expanding that part of the business.

LCW: Next on the list for Jasmine and Will?
J: Expanding into the US is top of the list!

Claudia Neal-Shaw