Live, Lead, Learn with Gail Kelly

This week we attended the launch of Gail Kelly’s new book LIVE LEAD LEARN at Bathers Pavillion. What an inspirational book! Full of reminders of how to live a happy, balanced and successful life.

A mother of four (including triplets), the first female CEO of one of Australia’s big four banks and listed by Forbes in 2010 as the eighth most powerful woman in the world. All this and Gail inspires us with her kindness, warmth and can-do persona.

At the heart of being an inclusive leader, Gail argues the most important concept is to put people and customers at the heart of your business.

This is one of the best books we’ve have read. It’s not just a book for women aspiring to be the next CEO. It’s a book for ALL women, from our next generation of Young Future Leaders, our Lifestyle and Leisure enthusiasts, our Executives and Entrepreneurs.

The three take-home motivational tips for for you to share are:

  1. Being mindful (especially when we have come home from a stressful day)

  2. Really love what you do and if you don’t love it, change your attitude towards it

  3. Be Bold, Dig Deep, Back Yourself

This is a book (bible) to encourage us all to discover how and why to love what you do, understanding your “why” and understanding how to live a whole life.

Starting her career as a Latin teacher, becoming a wife, mother of four and to become CEO of Westpac, she is definitely our new Oprah – such are her words of wisdom. We urge you to read this book – it’s fabulous!!

Claudia Neal-Shaw