Living your Best ‘Power’ Life

LCW: What made you decide to start this journey of positivity?

Gabriella & Nicola: We’ve always been very close, and we love each other’s company. We love traveling together, going on new adventures, meeting new people, connecting with like-minded people, going to seminars to see thought leaders speak, and always encourage each other to grow and improve on ourselves. We’ve always wanted to do a project together – and we decided to a website/ blog The Power Life’ which is a platform for us to be ourselves, combine everything we love, share our journey, and share everything that has inspired us. We have a lot of fun working on ‘The Power Life’, but we also have a lot of purpose in it. It’s really putting ourselves out there and it represents everything we truly believe in, about living our truth, being authentic, having a positive mindset, adopting an attitude of gratitude, and empowering yourself.

What are the highs of working together?

Gabriella & Nicola: It’s great working together – we love it because we can both bring something different to the table. Gabriella being in her 20’s, and Nicola in her 50’s we have different everyday experiences and its awesome to bounce ideas off each other. We can really lean on one another when we feel we need to in different areas with the website, public speaking, our new jewellery line, and even emotionally when we’re struggling. It’s also a great chance to see each other and spend time together,  and share something so positive and uplifting together.

Can you share with us your most amazing travel adventures?

Gabriella & Nicola: We’re so lucky to have had such amazing and diverse travel experiences. Our South African adventure was epic last year where we rode horses on a safari, and cuddled baby lion cubs. It’s such an incredible place where we really connected with nature, enjoyed amazing food, and had life changing experiences with animals. Another highlight was Chile in South America where we went hiking in the Andes, went in natural mud spa’s at the top of the mountains – there is an amazing and powerful energy being surrounded by nature like that.

Is public speaking part of the business plan for The Power Life?

Gabriella & Nicola: Yes – we love public speaking! We’ve been to a lot of conferences on self-empowerment all over the world, and we love hearing people share their stories, hearing thought leaders from the globe speak, and we always leave feeling so inspired. We’re at a stage where we both feel like we have so much to give, and we love bringing high energy to events, and connect with wide audiences on a deep level. Public speaking is a great way to powerful way to connect –It’s personal, and its more meaningful that seeing something through a website, and often makes a bigger impact. Next we’re hosting the ‘Millennials in Motion’ on the 14th of October at the Old Clare Hotel in Chippendale. We’ll be doing a lot more talks, and hosting events in 2018.

What has been your most exciting manifesting experience?

 Oprah has always been my ‘Queen of Inspiration’ since the 1986! I love her confidence, courage, “dream big’ approach to life, and her ability to reach into people’s hearts, soul and spirit.

Like Oprah, I believe in ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’ and Manifesting … so in 2010 ..when I heard  Oprah was coming to Sydney ..I knew I was just going to be in the audience! ! It was my ultimate dream to see Oprah a hugely positive and influential person in my life.  I circled the date in my diary, visualized being in the audience..   – but soon found out getting a ticket was nearly impossible, and could only be done through a ‘lottery system.’   I applied using as many email addresses as I possibly could – and with each email – came back the reply – sorry you’ve been unsuccessful… Gabriella was even saying to me how sorry she was that I couldn’t get any tickets. ( along with majority of Aussies).

However, I just had that ‘gut’ feeling I was going and I reassured Gabriella that I’d be going and continued my visualisation. I turned to Facebook to connect with a forum page of ‘Oprah coming to Australia 2010’. I put myself out there and posted that I would love to see Oprah, in case anyone had a spare ticket. Through the Power of social media – my post was read by ‘Kelly Kruger ‘ in San Jose USA – (who had won 2 tickets). Kelly being a huge fan of Oprah was thrilled at the opportunity, however had to face the reality of flights and accommodation .

Kelly and I were in a perfect situation for each other. I had accommodation in Sydney to offer, and Kelly had a second ticket and no one she knew in Sydney to share it with. She put herself out there, getting in touch with a complete stranger, but our energies were aligned and we not only saw Oprah together at the Opera House, Kelly we’ve become ‘Omazing’ friends.

Since then, I have seen Oprah numerous times.  In 2014 – I flew to San Jose and saw Oprah in her uplifting “Live your Best Life” 2 day event, met Oprahs bestie Gayle King and Lucy Kaylin (Editor and Chief of OMagazine) and was invited to become an ‘O-Circle Member’.

It was fabulous when Gabriella and I together not only saw Oprah at her Melbourne show in 2015, we had the privilege of meeting Oprah.  Oprah is very present and gives you her full Powerful energy when she talks to you together. I also met Oprah again in Sydney just before she went on stage, and it was wonderful sharing my manifesting with her.

With a double degree in Communications and Business Studies, how did this lead to your current role as a TV and radio journo?

Gabriella: The double degree at CSU was a great course. Living out in Bathurst was a special experience that made my whole uni experience so fulfilling, and I was able to form great friendships, and positive relationships with lecturers. I was very lucky to be surrounded by such positive, genuine people who really encouraged and supported each other to get into the industry we wanted to get into. CSU really pushed students to get as much experience as possible in the professional world, and was always so accommodating for students taking time to do internships. The course was very practical, and a lot of our assignments was working with local businesses to get hands on experience. I went straight in to full time work as a producer at 2GB Radio after Uni, and the university was very supportive of spending a lot of time there while I was finishing my double degree. I’m now at Sky News, and actually work with a few people I went to Uni with.

LCW: Really? You danced with Prince Harry? How did that happen?

Gabriella: Haha it’s true – I still pinch myself about it. I was in London visiting a friend, and we went out to a birthday party and our table was right next to Prince Harry’s! He was a lot of fun, dancing a lot, and had a big group of friends with him.

What are your goals for The Power Life, and how do you see Let’s Connect Women supporting you on your journey?

Gabriella & Nicola: Our goal for The Power Life is to grow our community, we would love more people around the world visiting our website, and social media pages so we can connect with a bigger audience. We also intend to keep doing talks at events of all sizes, internationally, and collaborate with other speakers in the US. Lets connect women has been amazing support, and we really have connected with great women. If LCW could get behind us with our talks, or connect us with businesses that might need speakers at their event, or people who need someone to host their event, it could be a perfect match. We’re also involved in a collaboration with Nirvana Jewellery and have ‘The Power Life’ bracelets which we would love to offer at LCW events.

Learn more about The Power Life here.

Claudia Neal-Shaw