Top Takeaways From 'In Conversation With Lisa Messenger'

Being fearless is easy when you have Lisa Messenger at the helm.

Let’s Connect Women were thrilled to host In Conversation With Lisa Messenger in an intimate setting in Sydney.

Lisa needs no introduction - she is a trailblazing entrepreneur with a commitment to being fearless and upholding her non-negotiable values. Her success with Collective Hub changed the publishing industry and provided a resource for entrepreneurs to be inspired, motivated and educated without having to leave their desks.

Her newest book, Work from Wherever details her journey from a long term fixed office space with 30 staff to a life where she now has MORE time to do the things she loves and run a business that is successful and adaptable to the changing nature of work.

There were so many beautiful moments of clarity for the audience but we’ve rounded some of those A-HA moment below.

On delivering impact to clients…

We often over complicate. People want a sense of belonging.
— Lisa Messenger

On redefining the money currency and valuing your time…

What’s in it for you and what’s in it for me? The value exchange.
— Lisa Messenger

On measuring your success…

Bigger isn’t better.
— Lisa Messenger

On making an impact in your business and becoming a key person of influence…

What is the FEELING you want people to have?
— Lisa Messenger

On being the master of your own business’ success…

You’ve got to be 100% intimate with your data.
— Lisa Messenger

On Working Wherever…

Less about the time spent with bums on seats - more about output.
— Lisa Messenger

Thank you to the amazing women who joined us. If you would like to come along to our next event, reserve your spot here.

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Claudia Neal-Shaw