What Is Intention Without Action?

Have you got a list of things that you would really like to do?

 They could be super big (climb Mt Everest) or smaller game changing things (meditate, cut out sugar, increase/start your exercise routine)?

 Whatever it is, your intentions are nothing without action.

Recently, I have been writing a new book entitled Live Your Best Life, and in that book, I wrote about creating your magic morning. How to set your day up to create a force field around anything that is thrown at you later in the day.

 It could be as simple as getting up 30 minutes earlier to have a quiet cup of tea before the world kicks in. It might be using that time to meditate, or go for a walk.

 So, I have been writing these great words of wisdom (even if I do say so myself) with my own intention of getting up an hour earlier but have I done it?


I have languished in the warmth of my bed.

Today, however is different. It is 5.42 am as I write this and I have been up since 5 am.

 Admittedly I spent 15 minutes looking for my phone to turn the alarm of unable to find it because it was so dark!

 I now sit here and watch the sunrise and it’s beautiful.

 I had really great intentions of getting up earlier, I knew the positive impact it would have on my day and yet, I didn’t do it.

 What changed for me?


 Alex Andrews is my friend and business coach. In our session this week she mentioned a book The 5am Club. She had read it and had joined this club of super successful, game changing people, by simply getting up at 5am.

This now made me excited. I committed there and then to join her.

 And guess what, she texts me every morning at 5am to say good morning – I feel blessed to have someone who cares about my wellbeing but more importantly someone I am accountable to.

 If you like this idea think about taking the challenge with a buddy.

 When we are accountable to someone else we are much more likely to action change.

 Why is it that we want to do things and yet we don’t. I think it’s because we as humans can be pretty good at sabotaging ourselves or perhaps we just get so set in our ways that making small changes can often be difficult despite knowing the positive effect these changes could have on us.

 Don’t under estimate the power of small steps and their ability to create great change.

 They are easier to implement, are sustainable and manageable.

 We can often resist  change  when our goals are bigger than our energy levels, our time availability, and perhaps, our courage. 

 Making SMALL changes, however, is not SO difficult and yet these changes can have huge impact.

 Here are five small, yet very significant, changes you can make in the next month!

 1.    Rise and Shine – set your alarm 30 minutes earlier to enjoy the peace of the morning. You may choose to mediate, enjoy the sunrise, spend time in nature or write in your journal.

2.    Have a digital detox at least one day a month. I try to do this most Sundays. On your way home from work whether on a bus, on a train or in the car, how about not looking at your phone for the whole trip. Use this time to day dream, create, be mindful.

3.    Tackle that one thing you have been putting off. Book in that doctors appointment, spring clean your wardrobe, enrol in that course.

4.    Keep a bottle of water on your desk, add some lemon slices for added flavour and Vit C punch.

5.    Perhaps your one thing could be to watch the sun set – it could be as simple as that.


What small change will you make? We would love to hear from you.


Libby Allaway

Founder Let’s Connect Women

Claudia Neal-Shaw