The LCW “Why”


Find your tribe and connect with like-minded women across Australia and the world who want to live their best lives both personally and professionally.


Share advice, dreams, experiences and insights as we journey through milestones and challenges. The greatest gift we can share is to give back to others.


Contribute to your personal and professional growth with a team by your side and various expert women in their fields. We are stronger together.


A Letter From Libby Allaway, Founder Let’s Connect Women

At LCW we often speak about our “why”

Why do we do what we do?

My “ why" for starting LCW was to create a community where women could come together, feel supported, inspired, motivated and above all connected.

I felt that whilst we were increasingly connected to our devices, and with never ending “to do” lists, we are increasingly disconnected to our friends, our families, the companies we work for and most importantly to ourselves.

I was also deeply concerned about the increase in mental health issues and know that connection can be a huge part of overcoming this ever growing issue.

From the dream which started over coffee with a friend saying “what do you feel in your heart that you really want to do?” It didn’t take long to answer "I am passionate about supporting women everywhere to live happier, more balanced lives, and know that through connection and education we can create a movement of like minded women. From 2016, this is exactly what we have achieved.

I also felt that within corporations there was too much emphasis on the bottom line and not enough emphasis on the human connection. I believed there was an opportunity for teams and customers to feel a greater connection to the company by offering out of the box intimate experiences, where women employees and clients would feel more connected, inspired and valued.


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